New York Big Apple Music Festival

Every year, The New York Big Apple Music Festival holds from July to August at the Aaron Copland School of Music at the Queens College in New York City, USA. We welcome piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, youth orchestra and vocal students.

The festival brings students together with world-class soloists and educators for a unique two-week of education, exchange, and performance. Through one-on-one instruction, master classes, and chamber music workshops, the next generation of classical musicians will have the opportunity to improve both their musicianship and professional skills. We welcome vocal, string, and piano students.

The festival is sponsored and affiliated with Paulus Hook Music Foundation, under the leadership of music director Ms. Qianci Liu.

纽约大苹果音乐节于每年的夏季7至8月,在美国纽约市皇后大学Aaron Copland 音乐学院隆重举行。大苹果音乐节诚邀纽约地 区音乐学院教授,著名音乐家,为学习弦乐,管乐,钢琴,音乐剧的青年音乐家们 提供一对一及室内乐,乐队方面的辅导。 音乐节以纽约地区优质的音乐教育资源为 依托,以专业严谨的态度为理念,为来自中国的音乐家创造一个走向世界的舞台; 通过纽约多元化的艺术氛围,培养并激励 下一代青年音乐家,提高和磨练他们的音乐素养及专业技巧,并帮助他们规划赴美深造之路。


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