Consultant Services

PHMF provides a variety of consultant services, such as present concerts, Music Education programs, career development and cultural exchanges for local and International Entrepreneurs、international students and young professionals.

Organizing of Concerts:

Percussionist, Shiqi Zhong, Brings Multi-Media Technologies To His Breathtaking Carnegie Hall Debut

Shiqi Zhong(钟世祺)Carnegie Hall Concert on Dec.27, 2019

Cong Bi shares an exclusive performance at the prestigious Carnegie Hall

Tickets are sold out.
美国泽西市市长Steven Fulop夫妇及制作人刘千慈女士
Steven Fulop, the mayor of Jersey City.

Organizing of Masterclasses in China:

Prof. Marion Feldman Cello Masterclass in Beijing, 2019.

Marion Feldman poster

Dr. Jeffrey Langford and Dr. Joanne Polk in Shenzhen, 2018


Organizing of Music programs for Entrepreneurs in NYC:

Ms. Wei Chen, Music teacher of NYU Shanghai.