NY International Music Education Center (Online Courses Division)


Online music course package:”Family-oriented, in-depth music education” —– Weihua Luo.

Description of the program:

Ms. Luo, a choir conductor, formerly known as Weihua Luo, graduated from Tsinghua University, and was students’ choir conductor at Peking University High School and Tsinghua University. In addition to her professional job, she is a guest conductor for several choirs, as well as a soprano member of the Princeton Chorus. “Family-oriented, in-depth music education model” was founded by conductor Luo Music Education (formerly known as “Sprout Air”) in 2010, and has developed a music teaching system for children aged 0-8 years old. She launched two sets of audio albums “How to Learn Music for Children” and “How to Learn Piano for Children” in Himalaya, and has nearly one million fans. As a “A music enthusiast”, she has held hundreds of concerts at home and abroad and has never stopped pursuing music.


— How Do Children Learn Music

— Selected Early Children Music Class

— Touring Europe with Music

— Learning Opera in movies for Adults

— For Young Musicians:Beyond Practice

Other projects:

Musical Theatre Program Director: Qianci Liu

Classical Music Training Program: YoonJung Hwang(Manager)

Contemporary Music Program Director: Yi Ru