Upcoming Concert:

Join our summer concert series at downtown JC!

Enjoy the live music from different genres, including classical, pop and country music.

Performer: Pianist Amalia Rinehart, Violinist Shuqi Luo and Cellist Qianci Liu.

Dates: July 16th, 2022 & August 6th, 2022.

Presented by Brighter Bee Academy of Jersey City.

Past Concert:

Celebration the New Year at Carnegie Hall !

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From Chinese gongs to Salad Bowls, multi-percussionist Shiqi Zhong will surely dazzle your senses this holiday season with a wide range of instruments and musical genres in his upcoming Carnegie Hall debut. The percussion solo recital will feature works by Gerassimez, Santamaría, Psathas, Cardoso, Nørgård, as well as two emerging Chinese composers, Liu and Wang. As a rising star of Chinese young percussionist, Mr. Zhong’s interests in ethnomusicology and new music have led him to curate a concert program that is culturally diverse and artistically innovative.

The program takes in several pieces with  strong influence from East Asian Culture, specifically ancient Chinese texts. Two world premier pieces in the program, Kind as Water and When the Sun Goes Down, both adopt electronic music, live percussion and visual arts to express very specific visual images and spiritual ideas, which are deeply imbedded in traditional Chinese culture. Kind as Water, a gesture-based electronic percussion piece, not only tells the story through the subtlety of music status and the philosophy around water, but also brings new sensorial experience from the phenomenological perspective. When the Sun Goes Down, a piece for hand percussion instruments and digital audio, portrays the changing color of time and space during the sunset. Moreover, the last piece on the program is named after an ancient Chinese divination text—I Ching (The Book of Changes). Inspired by this ancient text suggesting that different states of being for all living things should be considered as an eternal, hidden cycle that are behind everything we do, the composer Mr. Nørgård selects four states, in which forms a sequence that reflects such ancient philosophy. 

Mr. Zhong will also perform two transcriptions of music from South America—Afro Blue and Milonga. Afro Blue has been one of the most widely interpreted pieces in the field of Latin Jazz; it blends Cuban rhythm with a melody simulated from an African tribal chant. Milonga is also a popular piece, originally written for guitar from Jorge Cardoso’s guitar solo book, 24 Pieza Sudamericanas. 

Another unique jazz repertoire in the program is Piazonore, a work composed by Gerassimez in 2014 for vibraphone and piano duo.  The composer originally intended to write an arrangement for Piazzolla’s popular Libertango, however, shifted over to something more personal along the way. Lastly, as one of the favorite virtuosic marimba works among solo percussionists, One Study One Summary includes optional junk percussion that puts frying pan and salad bowl to great use. This is also the first piece that composer John Psathas uses audio backing track; not only does it gives the piece a motoric texture, but also set in motion an entirely new way of writing for the composer. 

The concert is presented by Paulus Hook Music Foundation as a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and the United State. It is our pleasure to invite you to this special concert at the Carnegie Hall (Weill Hall) on December 27th, 2019, 8:00 pm.

Photo credit: Ray Zhang
Photo credit: Ray Zhang
Photo credit: Sophie Zhai
Photo credit: Sophie Zhai
Photo credit: Ray Zhang
Photo credit: Ray Zhang

Interviewed by Ray Zhang: An Interview by Ray Zhang

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